Russian Traders

List of documents for customs clearance

Documents required for registration of the enterprise as a participant in the Customs FEA
1. Company Statute (and changes thereto, with evidence of their accounts at Companies House).
2. Certificate of state registration (BIN).
3. The certificate of registration in the Russian Federal Tax Service (INN) .

List of documents for customs clearance
1. International contract with all applications.
2. Full technical description of the goods, product data, operating instructions, etc.
3. Transaction passport (opens when the contract amount of more than 50 000 $).
4. Invoice in Russian (or Invoice translation into Russian certified by the enterprise).
5. Packing List in Russian (translation or packing list in Russian language certified by the enterprise).
6. The certificate of conformity (Declaration of Conformity) for the goods. A copy certified by the authority issuing the certificate or notarized copy (for imports).
7. Conclusion independent identification examination of the goods for export / import controls (for dual-use goods).
8. Credit memo (a copy of currency bills for the goods).
9. Bills in customs (customs duty) (for export).
10. Bills in customs (customs duty on invoysovoy value of goods) (import).
11. Bills in customs (customs duty plus VAT of 18% of the price) (import).
12. The contract with TSW (temporary storage) (import).

This list must be submitted in electronic form and can be added depending on the HS code.