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The certificate of origin of goods - СТ-1, the form «А»

The certificate of origin of goods - document certifying the country of origin of goods and issued in the country of export competent authority, (in Russian issues Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce). There are several forms: main - CT-1, the shape of "A" and overall shape. The certificate is required in the importing country for customs clearance and the calculation of customs duties, thanks to him, during the customs clearance can be a life applied the preferential rate of duty, and if a certificate form CT-1, which was adopted in the CIS countries and Macedonia, it is possible exemption from customs duty . Attention duty there, but not paid, respectively, the value added tax (VAT) is taken from the amount of tax-free.

Certificate of origin of goods overall shape issued on goods exported to all countries except the CIS countries, if not required "A" certificate of origin on the form (General System of Preferences) or other types of certificates. When the certificate Certificates declarant shall submit a certificate of examination made by expert organization (division) of the CCI. Certificates of origin are issued in the form of general English or Russian languages on the forms.

The certificate of origin of goods «СТ-1» - a document confirming the country of origin of goods is required, as a rule, the customs authorities of the importing country for the purpose of tariff and nontariff import control measures of the goods into the customs territory of the country and the export of goods from the territory.

Certificate of Origin form «А» (Combined declaration and certificate) - This document is developed and approved in 1968 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) adopted by the developed countries in the framework of the General System of Preferences (GSP), which gives the right to a full or partial exemption for exported goods from developing countries from the payment of import duty in the country Importing. Certificate of Origin Form "A" passed under GSP system (Generalized System of Preferences) the following States for certain types of products (respectively, for exports to these countries issued Form A): Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Australia, Canada, USA, Belgium, Luxembourg, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, New Zealand, France, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Greece, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro.