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Export declaration (EX-1)

Export declaration (EX-1) within the framework of the foreign trade transaction - is a common international document, which confirms the export of the goods for the goods and export is made at the time of customs clearance prior to removal of the goods.

Depending on the delivery terms Incoterms for export declaration should issue the seller of the goods or the buyer (EXW condition). The buyer usually sends its obligation on registration of export declaration your freight forwarder or carrier.

In the European Union all export declarations are made electronically. Supplier or forwarder have access to pan-European server, which is carried out pre-registration of the export declaration at the location of the goods. At this stage, the customs authorities of the country in which the export customs clearance may require the presentation of the exported goods to the customs inspection.

Export declaration (EX-1) for goods, produced and sold from the countries (EEC) - is a common international document, which confirms the export of goods. With the maturing of the European Declaration on the office of departure of the EEC countries (for shipment from a transit warehouse) vendor acknowledges the export of goods from the territory of the EU. When goods cross the border or registration CARNET TIR occurs closing of the export declaration. To this end, customs provided printed copy of the export declaration with a bar code and the individual number of the export shipment. This fact allows the buyer to avoid paying goods intra-European VAT (VAT).

Export declaration ЕХ-1 it must accompany the goods of European origin, which follow from a transit warehouse outside the EEC. EX-1 The declaration must be stamped at the office of departure. Export Declaration is required for a foreign vendor to verify the declared zero VAT rate.