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Packing list

Packing list – shipping document, which contains a full list of the goods for each commodity place individually (box, box, pallet, etc.). Shipment of goods seller to the buyer is usually always accompanied by an extract of packaging sheets.

Packing List serves as a companion document to the invoice. Specialized forms of this document is not, and therefore each company develops the form of the document on their own. Packing List is used as a supplement to the invoice in the case where a large number of items sent to the goods or when the amount of weight or the content of each individual are different places. The packing list and invoice are virtually the same content, the difference lies in the fact that the packing list does not specify the value of goods.

Packing List must contain:
1) Number and date of the document (packing list).
2) Name and address of the Seller, the shipper, the consignee and the Buyer.
3) Number and date of contract, purchase order.
4) A list of all goods transported with a precise description of the product name.
5) The number of goods (number of pieces per pack).
6) Packing room (seat number).
7) Type of packaging.
8) Overall dimensions of the seats.
9) Gross and net weights of the goods in a given package.
10) The total volume and weight of the load.